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Get Legal Help with Probate

Whether you are an heir to an estate without a will or are dealing with an estate that has more debts than assets, Tom Aul, a knowledgeable probate attorney can provide you with the strong legal advocacy you need. Trust in Tom Aul to handle the probate process in a timely, orderly, and cost-efficient manner.

At Aul Law, LLC, we’ll take the time to listen to you and get all the details of your case, so we can craft the best solution for your legal problem. Rest easy knowing Tom Aul has more than 46 years of legal experience.

Personal attention for your case

  • Missing wills and problems with the existing will

  • Minor heirs

  • Unknown heirs

  • Insolvent estates

  • Disputed wills, and disputes between heirs and administrators

Handling your estate probate matters

46 years of legal experience. Call: