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Knowledgeable Capital Formation Attorneys

With 46 years of experience, you can expect solid legal advice in all aspects of capital formation when you call on Tom Aul. He is familiar with the complex Wisconsin business and securities laws and can help you identify and avoid potential disputes in the capitalization process.

If you are looking to start  or capitalize your business venture, Aul Law, LLC will advocate for you by constructing a solid and secure path to your goal. Let us help you develop a plan for raising the capital you need through our experience with individuals and institutions so you can build a thriving business.

Make your dreams come true

  • Public and private issuance of securities and statutory reporting obligations

  • Public and private placement of equity and debt

  • State and federal regulatory compliance

  • Securities transactions

  • Capital and growth strategies

  • Capital, strategic, and business plan development

Business formation assistance

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